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The do’s and don’t’s of mid-season hull cleaning, Tectona style

Do ensure you have a fabulous day sail the day before and ponder why she is going so slow with loads of sails up

Do buy some new super duper hard scrubbing brushes

Do find plenty old clothes and old hats (we didn’t find old hats, barnacles everywhere)

Don’t snooze your alarm as time and tide….as they say

Don’t wear leaky boots or your only boots

Do eat porridge, then eggs, and lunch all before 12 noon, and lots of chocolate in between

Do find a speaker and motivational playlist (we didn’t)

Don’t underestimate how sluggish those pesky little barnacles will make the boat

Do feel fabulous as she glides through the water after a hard day of work

Don’t try to lift more than two plates for a full 12 hours after work, or do anything above shoulder height!! 

Do remember to log the extra knot on the next passage

Here we go Teccers - back to cruising at 7 knots girl! 



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