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Recovery Voyages.

Vessel: Tectona or Olga 


Dates: Various dates in 2021


Nights: Ranging from 1 to 6


Cost: Dependant on voyage


Availability: Check our programme for the  latest availability.


If you or your organisation are looking for an unforgettable experience that is a positive step in people's recovery journeys - then you are in the right place! From day sails around Plymouth to week long trips offshore - we have voyages to cater for every groups needs.

Recovery from substance misuse


Sailing Tectona has a long history and a lot of experience in running voyages for those in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse. In order to come sailing with us we require people to be in strong recovery. We understand that this is different for everyone, however, we do require those on our voyages to be 100% abstinent. 

We work with our partner organisations, such as recovery centres, to ensure that people are at the right stage to come sailing. If now is not the right time in someone's recovery journey, it is not a problem. A voyage with Sailing Tectona is always something that people can work towards. 

Recovery from mental health issues 


Sailing Tectona has recently run more and more voyages for those recovering from mental health issues. Our recovery voyages are available for people with a wide range of mental health issues - from PTSD to depression and almost everything in between.

We work with our partner organisations, such as mental health charities and organisations, to ensure that people are able to take part in a voyage safely. This includes ensure people are not at high risk of crisis and are equipped with techniques to help them should they develop difficulties with their mental health whilst on board. 


The Best Bits! 


Learn new skills: From practical, like steering and tying knots, to life skills, like teamwork and communication

Spot wildlife: Keep an eye out for incredible marine creatures - dolphins or maybe even a whale!


Explore new places: Coves, beaches and rivers - there's so much to see

Have fun: ​Meet new people, share stories and laugh - what it's all about!


What a voyage involves

A recovery voyage on board Tectona or Olga is a fully immersive experience. When the group arrive at the boat, our staff run introduction sessions so that everyone gets to know each other and the boat. After some health and safety, everyone sits down together and makes a plan for the week - taking into account the weather forecast and people's aims for the voyage. 


Then we set sail! Our staff explain everything and get the group involved in doing everything on board straight away - pulling ropes, steering, putting sails up, tidying ropes - there's a task for everyone! We will generally sail all day and arrive at a beautiful spot for the evening - where we drop anchor, eat dinner together, check in with everyone and spend the evening chatting and laughing. 



Recovery Voyages Brochure

Recovery Voyages Kit List

Recovery Voyages Terms & Conditions




The cost of a weeks recovery voyage is £5,000 for 12 people. We realise that individuals may require support with this. Therefore, we work with our partner organisations to find a way of funding the voyage that works for everyone. 


We do encourage the participants of the voyage to engage in some fundraising activities before their voyage. This helps raise some money towards the cost of the voyage, but more importantly, it begins the process of the group working together, learning new skills and taking responsibility. 

What is included

Sailing may be new to you but you shouldn't need to buy any specialist equipment or clothing - please see the kit list download above for information on what you need to bring. The main items you need are a sleeping bag and layers of warm, preferably quick drying clothes. 


Included in the price of the voyage is all accommodation, food and refreshments on board, qualified sea staff, sailing instruction, personal safety equipment and use of waterproof jacket and trousers. 

Not included is the cost of travel to and from Tectona at the beginning and end of the voyage, travel insurance and any spending money ashore. 




Get in touch with us to book your Recovery Voyage for 2021 - the     journey starts here!

More Questions?


Contact us to find out more or get the answers to any questions you may have - we look forward to hearing from you! 

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