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Covid-19 Statement -10th January 2021

Here at Sailing Tectona CIC (ST) we are aware that all of us have been facing huge challenges during this unprecedented global pandemic. The safety of our customers, staff and volunteers will always be our utmost priority and as a result all of our sailing and face-to-face activities are currently suspended. 

At this time, it is not possible to run any residential sailing voyages in line with Government Guidance. However, as a non-profit organisation committed to improving people’s lives through sailing, we have strived to develop safe and responsible protocols to enable us to return to activities on our vessels as soon as guidance allows.

We have produced our own Phased Protocols for ensuring a COVID-19 Secure environment for resuming sailing activities. These protocols comprise a comprehensive risk assessment, with controls and actions that are being and will be implemented.

The Government advice regarding workplace safety, Health and Safety (HSE) and water-sports activities and the overall guidance on keeping safe and reducing risk of infection forms the basis of our decision-making and assessment. This is in conjunction with the advice shared by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and Association of Sail Training Organisations (ASTO) as well as Sport England and Charity Sector resources.

We will continue to review our statement as the situation develops and will keep you all updated of any decisions we make moving forwards. We look forward to getting back to doing what we do best - inspiring people to make positive change in their life through a life defining sail training adventure - as soon as possible! 

Ben, Jen and Emma 

Directors, Sailing Tectona

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