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Recovery Voyages.

Check out our programme to see our voyage availability. Or if you have any questions, queries or simply want to find out more, please do be in touch!


Sailing Tectona's recovery voyages provide week long residential sailing experiences for people in recovery from addiction and mental health issues.


Taking part in one of our recovery voyages is a very hands on experience in a completely new environment. With some expert tuition from our sea staff, everybody on board gets involved with hoisting sails, steering, navigating, cooking, cleaning - basically everything required to live onboard and sail the boat! As the week goes on, the staff step back more and more, so that by the end of the voyage the group are pretty much sailing the boat themselves.


By participating fully, overcoming challenges and achieving great things, people grow in confidence, 

resilience and self worth.

"I thought it was a bucket list moment, It was more physically demanding than I anticipated but I learned I am able to push through things I thought were beyond me."  Kenny, Voyage Participant

There is also a strong social element to living onboard. Everyone eats meals together, laughs together and looks out for each other. There is also a chance to share how the journey is going for everyone in the daily evening check ins. All of this leads to an amazing bond between crew mates - a real sense of family and belonging. 


"It was a pivotal point in my substance recovery journey. For the first time in years, I could be my authentic self and it made my confidence soar ... I laughed properly for the first time in years!" Becky, Voyage Participant

As well as the voyage itself, we offer pre and post voyage support. This takes the form of information sessions and meetings before the voyage, then meetings and continued involvement through volunteering after the voyage. The aim of this is to prepare people as much as possible for the voyage and then to explore how the lessons learnt whilst on the voyage can be transferred to everyday life after the voyage. 

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