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Youth Voyages.

Check out our youth programme to see our voyage availability. Or if you have any questions, queries or simply want to find out more, please do be in touch!

Sailing Tectona's youth voyages are residential sailing experiences for young people aged 8 - 24 from all backgrounds. They range from one to ten nights long.


"It was the best trip I ever had. I learned a lot out of this voyage, for example, I will now help my parents with cooking"  Renaldas, 13, Voyage Participant

A youth voyage with Sailing Tectona is a truly unique experience. Young people get the chance to learn new skills in a completely different environment. They will be challenged but also rewarded by that challenge.

Being involved in every activity - from hoisting sails, steering and navigating to cooking and cleaning - fosters a sense of real responsibility. On achieving these seemingly challenging tasks, young people feel a huge sense of achievement which leads to a boost in confidence and self worth. 

On board, the main priority is that young people develop positively from their time on board. Much as sometimes sailing can be tough, Sailing Tectona ensures the lasting memories are the achievement felt when getting through the tough times and the fun and laughter had in the good times.


On a voyage, there is plenty of time for playing games, making friends, playing ashore and having fun!


"The staff were brilliant, all had a great tone with the kids and seamed to enjoy the weekend as much as we did... Itinerary was perfect and ...  Even left with some new games to play and a recipe of fish finger wraps to try at our next camp." Jason, Scout Leader of Youth Voyage

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