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Built: 1928

Length: 23m overall

Weight: 75 tonnes

No of sails: 7

No of voyage crew: 12

No of sea staff: 3

Built solidly of teak, Tectona is an extremely seaworthy vessel. The size of the vessel makes for good space onboard, creating a safe environment for people to learn in. On deck there is a manual windlass, which means pulling up the anchor can only be done as a team!

Groups are encouraged to immerse themselves in life onboard and every element of sailing Tectona. Throughout the voyage, individuals have the opportunity to steer the boat, set the sails, and make a navigation plan. Our sea staff are mental health first aid trained and always work to create a welcoming and inclusive environment onboard.

Tectona is currently undergoing a full refit, our team of volunteers are busy re-designing her interior, to further facilitate better use of space to improve our sail training experiences for all those who sail with us in the future.


The aim is to get Tectona sailing by the summer of 2024. If you would like to be involved in the refit crew or book a voyage for her first season back, please get in touch below.

Tectona Gallery


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