The Team.

Sailing Tectona’s core team are a group of people that love what they do and have a real passion for sharing what they do with others.


Sailing Tectona is extremely fortunate to have this dedicated team, who put lots of time and effort into bringing our vision to life.

My journey to becoming part of the Sailing Tectona team started at the age of 14 when I joined the sail training vessel the “Greater Manchester Challenge”. The voyage was from Holyhead and I recall my dad saying to me that I could be a skipper of a boat like this. I didn’t believe him because I found the voyage to be epic. The power of the wind in the sails, the responsibility of everyone on-board and the ever changing environment in which we found ourselves in, meant that I felt overwhelmed, and to be part of sea-staff felt out of reach.


Over the years, and aside to a wide range of short careers, I tried to get on the ocean whenever I could, filling in my logbook and gaining qualifications, until one day I found myself as part of the sea-staff on board Tectona on an epic voyage, with the sails full of power that we had control, with a crew who we as sea-staff were trying to give the best possible experience to.

Ben -Skipper

My first experience of being on a boat was when I took part in a sail training voyage with my school when I was 15 years old. On the first day of sailing we had horrible weather; it was so windy and wavy that everyone was seasick! However, what amazed me was how everyone on board pulled together, helped each other out and become a really close team.

I can not wait to provide future life changing experiences for those who join us on board. 

Emma -1st Mate

I’ve been sailing since I can remember and was lucky to grow up sailing on the West coast of Scotland. I became involved in sail training in 2010 and since then have spent my summers volunteering and working through gaining my professional qualifications. After graduating from university I worked in a different profession for three years however I never quite managed to quell the urge to be at sea again.


It was Tectona that brought me to this beautiful part of the south coast and since sailing on her I’ve had the privilege to be part of creating some lasting memories on some truly life changing trips. I’m excited to be part of the team that will be sailing with you on board next season and I look forward to the journeys we will undertake together. 

Jen -1st Mate

My love of sailing and being at sea began on a voyage as part of the tall ships races back in 2005. I had never dreamed of being a sailor before that trip but something about the power and otherworldliness of the sea changed me in a big way. I came home with a self-belief that I hadn't realised I was lacking. Over the years I gradually built my path to becoming a professional seafarer, collecting great experiences and memories along with my qualifications.


Somewhere along this path I came across a very unique boat with a very special history; Tectona! I sailed on her as a volunteer in my late teens and I am very proud to sail on her as a skipper now! Sailing many miles in many different boats has led me to appreciate that amazing things happen to people who go to sea. Every trip I make on Tectona I see people change into the very best of themselves. They begin to respect themselves and others a great deal more. This is something I wish to share with others and I look forward to sailing and sharing it with you, cup of tea in hand!

Aidan -Skipper

My love of tall ships started on the Lord Nelson sailing with able boded and disabled people. I was feeling low and needed an adventure. Being at sea with others, challenged by the environment and the weather it became a life changing experience.

Hauling ropes, working as a team with my watch, sailing under the stars with huge white sails…it was just what my soul needed.

I now live in Plymouth and have found the Tectona Family and I am working hard to raise funds to let people in Recovery share the experience I had.

Jen - Raiser of Funds

I have had the privilege of being on board Tectona as a leader of my Scout groups expedition during the summer of 2018. An incredible experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. After hearing all about the amazing journey that Tectona and her dedicated team were about to embark on, I wanted to help in anyway I could. With a background in product design, I decided to offer my skills to the team to aid them in developing their Brand. 

The brand that has been created in partnership with the Sailing Tectona Team and reflects the fun, friendly, adventurous and life changing experiences that Tectona and her team provide. I count myself incredibly lucky to work with such a passionate team and to help, even in such a small way, develop this organisations future. I wish Sailing Tectona all the best for its future.

Graham - Media