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Your monthly gift could help to provide life-changing experiences at sea for young people and those in recovery from addiction, as well as contributing to the community rebuild of the tall ship Tectona. 

  • Friend

    Every month
    £5 a month would provide food and drink onboard our day sails for young people
  • Supporter

    Every month
    £15 a month would cover essential materials for the rebuild of our tall ship Tectona
  • Champion

    Every month
    £50 a month would fund bursaries for people in recovery to join our life-changing voyages

'The thing that struck me the most, was that I could be young again. It seems strange but as an addict, we had to grow up very quickly. I had fun, and in that, I found the fun I thought I needed drugs to bring out. When really it's been in me the whole time!'

Amy's Place, 2021

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