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Tectona Trust 

Founded by Dr. Roger Crabtree


Using ‘Tectona’ as a traditional ship to help people in recovery from mental health issues and addiction was the vision of Dr. Roger Crabtree. 

In 2009 he founded the charity Tectona Trust to raise money to support the operation of Tectona. The first members of the charity included Captain Tim Charlesworth and Christopher Rowsell who both sailed on the ship as Merchant Navy cadets. Today, the continuing development of the Trust is guided by a team of trustees and advisors with a wide range of experience.

Initially, Tectona was chartered to the Island Trust with an agreement for limited use by the Tectona Trust for its work with recovery clients. In 2018 it was decided to bring the operation of Tectona in-house.


Sailing Tectona was founded to operate and manage the day-to-day activities of ‘Tectona’. Sadly at the end of 2018, Dr Roger Crabtree ‘crossed the bar’.


Today, Sailing Tectona continues the life changing work he started. 

Tectona sunset kids.jpg

The Tectona Mission 

Sailing Tectona CIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tectona Trust. Sailing Tectona deals with the sailing, operation, upkeep and maintenance of the vessel. Both entities work together with the completely aligned objective 'To inspire positive change in people's lives by providing sail training experiences onboard traditional wooden vessels for people of all ages and backgrounds'. 


Emma Harley 



Dr Barbara Crabtree



Dr Richard Ayres



Laurie Coleman

Trustee, Head of Safety


Josh Williams 



Nigel Crabtree 

Vice Commodore 


Dr Andrew Eccleston

Advisor to Trustees 


Andy Brown 

Advisor to Trustees 


Capt Tim Charlesworth 

Advisor to Trustees

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