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Recovery Programme

Most of our Recovery voyages are booked by partner organisations - such as recovery centres or mental health charities. They can then give the opportunity to come sailing to people within their organisation. We work very closely with our partner organisations to support the people that come sailing to help ensure they get the most out of the voyage. If you are part of an organisation and would like to book a voyage, or find out more, please do be in touch. 

We have some voyages in the 2022 season for individuals who are not already in a shore based organisation but feel that a voyage with us would benefit them. If you are interested in joining an individuals voyage, please be in contact with us and we can discuss it further!

Our availability for the 2022 season can be found below. However, if you don't see something that suits here, please do be in touch and we can look at organising a tailored voyage for your needs. 

2022 Season
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