Built: 1928

Length: 23m overall

Weight: 75 tonnes

No of sails: 7

No of voyage crew: 12

No of sea staff: 3

Tectona is a wonderful old wooden boat and we love her dearly. Built solidly of teak, she is extremely seaworthy, so seaworthy, that in the past she safely sailed across the stormiest of oceans. The layout of the sails means she is easy to handle and perfect for learning. She has a hand worked windlass for pulling up the anchor which can only be done as a team.

On deck, there is a big wheel and everyone who comes sailing gets a chance to learn how to steer. There is also a charthouse on deck - affectionately known as the shed - where we do all the navigating from.


Down below her accommodation is open plan and there is a table that all 15 crew members can eat around – making her a friendly and fun boat to be on.

Tectona Gallery