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Youth Voyages.

Vessel: Olga 


Dates: Various dates in



Nights: Ranging from 1 to 10


Cost: Dependant on voyage


Availability: Check our programme for the  latest availability.


If you or your youth group are looking for an unforgetable sailing adventure - then you are in the right place! From day sails around Plymouth to ten day expeditions abroad - we have voyages to cater for every groups needs.


Sailing Tectona's residential youth voyages provide a unique and effective platform for young peoples personal development. By being out of their comfort zone initially but overcoming challenges and achieving things they never thought they could, young people grow in confidence and resilience whilst on our voyages. Additionally, by spending time having fun with their crew mates, away from modern technology, young people can improve their mental well being. 

After experiencing these feelings whist on a youth voyage with Sailing Tectona, it can be the spark it takes to ignite a positive change in a young persons life.


The Best Bits! 


Learn new skills: Both practical skills (steering and tying knots) and life skills (leadership and communication)

Spot wildlife: Keep an eye out for incredible sea birds, dolphins or maybe even a whale!


Explore new places: Coves, beaches and rivers - there's so much to see.

Have fun: ​Play games, make friends and laugh - it's what it's all about!


Typical day on board 

A day on board a youth voyage starts with everyone waking up and getting ready for the day - getting dressed, having breakfast etc. At this point we take some time to clean the boat - with some young people cleaning on deck and some young people cleaning below decks. Then, as a group everyone sits down together and makes a plan of where to go that day - depending on weather and how people are feeling. 

Once a plan has been made, the group get to work making that happen. This normally involves pulling up the anchor, hoisting the sails up and getting the boat sailing in the right direction! Once heading in the right direction, the young people on board generally get split into two teams which on board we call watches! Each watch takes it in turns to be in charge of running the boat - steering, navigating, keeping a lookout and adjusting sails. When a watch is not doing that, they can spend some time resting. 

Lunch is usually prepared by the young people (with supervision from the staff) and is generally eaten whilst sailing along. The watch rota continues throughout the afternoon and then once the boat is nearing its destination, it's all hands on deck! Everyone is needed to help bring the sails down and tie the boat up safely in its mooring for the night. 

In the evening, dinner is prepared by the young people and everyone eats together around the table. After dinner, there is time to reflect on the day before lots of fun is had playing games or exploring ashore. After a long but fulfilling day, everyone climbs into their bunks for a good nights sleep. 



Youth Voyages Brochure

Youth Voyages Kit List

Youth Voyages Terms & Conditions



The cost of a youth voyage is £5,000. We realise that certain groups may require support with this. Therefore, we work with our groups to find a way of funding the voyage that works for everyone. 

We do encourage the participants of the voyage to engage in some fundraising activities before their voyage. This helps raise some money towards the cost of the voyage, but more importantly, it begins the process of the group working together, learning new skills and taking responsibility. 

What is included

Included in the price of the voyage is all accommodation, food and refreshments on board, qualified sea staff, sailing instruction, personal safety equipment and use of waterproof jacket and trousers. 


Not included is the cost of travel to and from Olga at the beginning and end of the voyage, travel insurance and bedding. 




Get in touch with us to book your Youth Voyage for 2021 - the adventure starts here!

More Questions?


Contact us to find out more or get the answers to any questions you may have - we look forward to hearing from you! 

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