Youth Programme

If you or your youth group are looking for an unforgetable sailing adventure - then you are in the right place! From day sails around Plymouth to ten day expeditions abroad - Sailing Tectona has voyages to cater for every groups needs.

The details of our 2021 season can be found below. However if you don't see something that suits here, please do be in touch and we can look at organising a tailored voyage for your needs. 

2021 Season.

Youth Voyage TEC1

Sun 28th March - Fri 2nd April

Plymouth - Plymouth

Sail on board Tectona for a unique adventure during the first week of the Plymouth Schools Easter Holiday!


Youth Voyage OLG3

Sun 18th April - Wed 21st April

Plymouth - Plymouth

Spend three nights onboard Olga on a mini adventure with much fun - ideal for young people aged 10 - 12! 


Youth Voyage OLG10

Sun 6th June - Wed 16th June

Plymouth - Rendsburg (Germany)

Sail Olga to places she's never sailed before - along the English Channel, across the North Sea and into the Kiel Canal!


Youth Voyage OLG13

Wed 7th July - Sat 17th July

Turku (Finland) -

Tallinn (Estonia)

Cruise in Company along the Baltic Sea with hundreds of other sail training vessels! 



Youth Voyage OLG17

Sat 14th Aug - Sat 21st Aug

Dunkirk (France) - Plymouth (UK)

Bring Olga home on this epic sail from the Netherlands, down the English Channel, to Plymouth! 



Youth Voyage TEC2

Sun 4th April - Fri 9th Apr

Plymouth - Plymouth

Join the crew of Tectona during the second week of the Plymouth Schools Easter Holiday for a fun filled voyage!


Youth Voyage OLG7

Sun 9th May - Fri 14th May

Plymouth - Plymouth

Sail onboard Olga for a week long expedition - learning new skills, making friends and having the adventure of a lifetime!


Youth Voyage OLG11

Thurs 17th June - Sun 27th June

Rendsburg (Germany) -

Klaipeda (Lithuania)

Sail Olga from Germany, across the Baltic Sea, to Lithuania to join the fleet of Tall Ships!



Youth Voyage OLG14

Sat 17th July - Sat 24th July

Tallinn (Estonia) -

Mariehamn (Aland)

Sail Olga from Estonia to Aland, in Tall Ships Race 2, and arrive to a festival of friendship! 



Youth Voyage OLG21

Sun 26th Sept - Fri 1st October

Plymouth - Plymouth

A week of adventure onboard Olga - learning new skills, making new friends and having fun!


Youth Voyage OLG1

Sun 4th April - Fri 9th April

Plymouth - Plymouth

Experience sailing on Olga - a truly special boat - during the second week of the Plymouth Schools Easter Holiday!


Youth Voyage TEC10

Sun 30th May - Fri 4th June

Plymouth - Plymouth

Join Tectona for a half term like no other - become a crew member on this amazing boat and make incredible memories!


Youth Voyage OLG12

Tues 29th June - Wed 7th July

Klaipeda (Lithuania) -

Turku (Finland)

Take part Olga's first ever Tall Ships Race - Race 1 2021 - from Lithuania to Finland!



Youth Voyage OLG16

Tues 3rd Aug - Sat 14th August

Szczecin (Poland) -

Dunkirk (France)

Join over a hundred boats in the sail from Poland to France - an amazing spectacle! 



Youth Voyage OLG22

Sun 3rd Oct - Fri 8th Oct

Plymouth - Plymouth

Join us onboard Olga for the last voyage of the 2021 season - a week of exploring, learning and making amazing memories!


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