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Tectona Ocean Recovery Club (T.O.R.C)

The very first Tectona Ocean Recovery Club meeting at Hamoze House

One of Roger Crabtree's visions for maintaining the strong recovery of voyagers after they had disembarked was the creation of a recovery 'club'. A peer group on land that voyagers could join to continue to be a part of the Tectona 'family'.

It is well known in sail training that after a voyage those getting off can experience a slump in their recovery or mental well-being due to the challenges of returning to familiar environments and patterns. But Roger's plan was to enable the voyages stay in touch with others who had shared experiences of sailing on Tectona; to be a part of the development of a volunteer force to keep Tectona maintained in the winter and to help fundraising efforts on land.

It is our great pleasure to announce that the Tectona Ocean Recovery Club is now active and plans to meet on a regular basis to develop ways to support Tectona in the future, and to have a hot drink and a chat too!

A big thank you to Mark Bignall at Hamoze House recovery centre in Plymouth for offering TORC a place to meet initially while we plan a future clubhouse!



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