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Sailing Tectona supports Spirit of Adventure

Sailing Tectona CIC is delighted to be supporting the ‘Spirit of Adventure’ project taking place in May 2020 as part of the Mayflower Ocean Festival. ‘Spirit of Adventure’ will see over 350 disadvantaged young people from Plymouth take part in a hands on traditional sailing experience. Their day on the water will connect them to the sea in a truly unique and special way; whilst also increasing their confidence and broadening their horizons. 

Sailing Tectona’s two vessels - Tectona and Olga - will be joined by five other traditional vessels, sailing all together in Plymouth Sound for the first time. The young people chosen to take part in the project will likely never have experienced anything like it before. They will take part in all aspects of sailing the boats - hoisting sails, steering and keeping lookout - as well as developing key skills in teamwork and communication.

This participative approach is at the centre of all of Sailing Tectona’s voyages. Sailing Tectona is a new, exciting organisation with strong links to Plymouth. It aims to inspire positive change in people's lives by providing sail training experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds. Sailing Tectona works with young people as well as with adults in recovery and has partnered with local and national organisations from Scout groups and schools to Shekinah.

Sailing Tectona knows that a day on the water on Tectona or Olga can inspire people to make positive change in their lives and unlock that ‘Spirit of Adventure’ that is somewhere within us all.

'Spirit of Adventure' is being funded by a Crowdfunder campaign - If you would like to support us in this project, please donate via the link below and use the hashtag #SailingTectonaSpirit Thank you!



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